2018 BAR Rules Update

Here's a quick update on the new BAR rules proposals for 2018.

1equal money for womens races, even if it means more prizes and less cash for everyone in other fields. This is keeping in line with other areas like MABRA and of course the USA Cycling has taken the lead on the pro levelMarion PalmieriRejected
2with the development of a women's category 5 we propose a requirement to have a womens beginners race that is separate from the elite womens race. This can easily be done with a cat 3,4,5 field and a cat 1,2,3 field. Shamrock has done that for years and we always have a good size field of women in both races. Many cat 3 riders really appreciate the chance to race twice. New riders should not be expected to race with elite ridersMarion PalmieriRejected