Permit Hints


There are five basic components to the permit package: event flyer, permit
application form, competitive event check list, event medical plan and the
additional insured form with related course permits. Except for the event
flyer, all of the forms are located on the

Each component is addressed below:

  1. Race flyer
    1. The race flyer must be standalone. A rider should be able to
      get all information from the flyer. 
    2. The official race announcement may not be distributed until it has been
      approved by the Administrator. This includes BikeReg.
    3. You must list a prize list for each race on the flyer. It may not
      be a percentage of the entry fee. You may increase the prize list
      but you may not decrease it.
    4. Race flyers must contain the following:
      • The declaration “Held under USA Cycling event permit”.
      • The date(s) and location(s) of all bicycle races in the race event.
      • A list of races that identifies which classes and categories are eligible for each.
      • For each race, the specific kinds of event, the distance(s), the total amount of the
        prize lists, the nature of the prizes (cash, merchandise, combination thereof, or
        other), and the number of places that will receive prizes. If cash is to be awarded,
        the minimum value will be shown.
      • For each race, the amount of the entry fee and the amounts of any surcharges and what
        they are for.
      • The order of events and the starting time of at least the first event; preferably,
        all expected starting times should be given.
      • Any restrictions on entries, such as entry closing date, registration closing times,
        and minimum or maximum field size
      • Any plans for cancellation or postponement of the event in case of bad weather.
    5. In youth races and races exclusively for category 5 men, no prizes (including primes) of
      commercial value may be awarded — only such things as trophies, medals, ribbons and
      certificates of participation.
    6. You cannot charge late fees for Cat 5 Men if they have their own race. The same applies to Cat 4 Women. 
    7. Do not “Permit Pending” on the flyer. Use “Held under USA Cycling
      event permit”.
    8. A contact name and phone number is required.
      It’s a good idea is to include a snail mail address for those “electronically
      challenged” people. You may set the mail in date well in advance of
      the race if you choose.
    9. Choose your flyer colors wisely. Remember, using black
      text on a dark blue background makes the page difficult to read. Have pity
      on your older “eye challenged” riders. A good way to tell if colors work
      is to use
      the color picker
      and test it out.
  2. Competitive Event Permit Application
    1. Race category is determined by the
      highest payout for any “individual” class in the race. So, if all your
      classes have a payout of less than $500, then it is a Category E race and
      the fee is only $25. 
    2. Put your club number on the form along with the club name. If you don’t
      know it, check at This is a good double check to see if
      your club is properly registered (paid it’s dues) with USA Cycling. If not,
      it’s a showstopper.
    3. Consider the auto insurance block seriously. The USA Cycling insurance per
      vehicle is only $25 ($100 for moto’s) and may be needed. For example, it
      was pointed out at a recent official’s clinic that some auto insurance
      policies will not cover vehicles associated with a sporting event. Check
      you policies and then act accordingly.
    4. Be sure to sign and date the document, it is a legal contract with USA
      Cycling and needs a “wet-ink” signature. However, faxing or scanning it to
      the Administrator for a pre-review is recommended, if possible.
  3. Competitive Event Checklist
    1. Be sure to completely fill out the form. “TBD” or “working on it”
      might be acceptable as a quick check but the USCF will not accept that. 
    2. Be sure to sign and date the checklist.
  4. Event Medical Plan
    1. This form is MANDATORY, must be completely filled out. Consult with a doc
      in your club if you have any questions. If you
      don’t have one, call me (757-874-7547), I will find one for you. You owe
      your competitors no less. 
    2. It would be good to brief the race volunteers on this plan on the day
      of the race, so there is no confusion or delays if a serious injury should
  5. Request for Certificate of Insurance and Additional Insured
    1. At a minimum, you must list the Virginia Cycling Association, 1218 Santa Anna Rd
      Henrico Va. 23229, phone 757-874-7547 
    2. List any other agencies or businesses associated with the event to give them
      additional liability coverage in the event of an accident or injury.
    3. You must check the “hold harmless” box, either YES or NO, at the bottom of
      this form. To do this, you should have read through any use permits you
      have obtained from government agencies or private firms
    4. Include a copy of ALL “use” permits (regardless of hold harmless language)
      with your Additional Insured form.