What does Club Membership buy me?

Well, having your club join the Virginia Cycling Association buys you quite a lot actually:

  • Access to video camera equipment for race finishes
  • Access to a network of other clubs and race officials
  • Free club advertising and free race advertising
  • Increased attendance at your race


What does it cost to join?

You have two options:

  1. $100 for a full membership – all team members can get BAR points and possibly win their BAR category, or
  2. $50 for an associate membership. You still get all the benefits above but your team members cannot win the BAR series.


Is there anything else?

Okay, so dues are everything. The VCA does ask that your club promote at least one race during the year. It can be anything from the State Championships all the way down to a weekend training race.

Also, the VCA asks that you provide some help with officials. Perhaps someone in the club could become a race official and help out officiating just once during the race year.


How does my club join?

It’s very simple to join the Virginia Cycling Association. Just send a check to the address below, or use PayPal.

Make check payable to: Virginia Cycling Association

Remit to: Laura Cook
Please email your request for mailing address if sending payments via mail.
PayPal acct: vacycling.paypal@gmail.com