VCA Permit Approval Process

Follow these steps and timeline to get your race permitted

The Virginia Cycling Association (VCA) has assumed the role of local coordinator for USA Cycling.
As one of its new responsibilities, VCA will be coordinating the permit process. So, instead of submitting permits to the
USA Cycling regional representative, clubs should submit their race permit applications to the Permit Coordinator.

Three different reviewers will participate in the permit process:

  • VCA BAR Administrator
    Reviews the categories to determine if they meet the
    requirements for inclusion in the VCA Best All Around Rider
    competition. Provides feedback to promoters.
  • Permit Coordinator
    Coordinates the permit process between the promoter, the officials,
    the VCA BAR Administrator, and
    USA Cycling.
  • Official’s Coordinator
    Is responsible for ensuring that Chief Referees are assigned for all
    races. Provides initial feedback on suitability of race announcement
    for distances, etc.

Important restrictions

  • You may not advertise your race until your permit has been
    approved by your Chief Referee, the
    BAR Administrator, and
    the Official’s Reviewer. No one is served if you have to change your
    event multiple times because the Chief Referee has identified safety
    or scheduling issues with your course.
  • Please make sure your flyer states “Held under USA Cycling event permit”.
    Do not use the old statement “permit pending”.

Here is the process and time line to follow.

Step Time Action
1 At least 9 weeks before event Contact your Chief Referee with your proposed schedule and race announcement.
Time spent early will alleviate problems as your race date gets closer. You can find
the Chief Referee for your race by contacting the Official’s Coordinator.
Please work with your chief official to get all the problems with the
race announcement and the schedule resolved before you submit
your permit to the
Permit Coordinator.
2 At least 8 weeks before event BAR Review

Submit your schedule (distances/times and fields) to the
BAR Administrator
for review. The BAR administrator will inform you
which fields qualify for BAR status and why. You may wish to revise
your fields to meet BAR standards, but this is up to you. Please submit
your flyer electronically, but please try to stick to a format that
is readable by many computers (i.e. avoid framemaker or quark, for example).
For BAR status, the BAR Administrator only needs the Fields, prize lists,
and distances, so a simple e-mail is sufficient.

Getting the BAR review out of the way before the permit review will
minimize the possibility of missed race announcements.

3 At least 7 weeks before event Permit Submission

THE Permit Coordinator

Submit your entire permit application to the
Permit Coordinator.
Permit forms can be downloaded from the
USA Cycling Website

Your permit application must contain

  • The

    Competitive Event Permit
  • The
    Competitive Event Checklist
    (which must be reviewed, approved, and eventually signed by your
    Chief Referee),
  • A copy of the race announcement,
    Event Medical Plan
  • Payment for permit, and
  • A copy of the

    Additional Insured
    form, if you have any parties
    you wish to insure (landowners, sponsors, other clubs,
    for example)Because the VCA may be subject to claims arising from an
    accident during a race, the VCA Board requests that you list VCA (the
    Virginia Cycling Association, Inc.) to the general
    liability insurance policy coverage for your event. The
    Permit Coordinator can add the
    details for you.

    If you plan to use insurance for
    non-owned autos
    these forms must be sent directly (with payment of the premium) to
    Susan Diller at USAC, with a
    confirming copy included in the permit application.

Permit Coordinator will review
the entire packet for accuracy. In parallel, the
Permit Coordinator
will submit the race announcement to
one of the three Official’s Reviewers, who will review the race
announcement for scheduling and officiating problems. The
Permit Coordinator
will also contact the Chief Referee that the
Official’s Coordinator
has assigned to the race to verify that the Chief Referee for the race
has approved the race course and schedule.

4 Permit Transmittance to USA CyclingWhen the Chief Referee and Official’s Reviewer have approved the
final version of the race announcement, the
Permit Coordinator will
forward the permit application to
USA Cycling.
The Permit Coordinator will
also inform the promoter that the announcement is approved.
At this time, the club may post the race
announcement, including the schedule, prize list, distances, and
5 USA Cycling issues permitUSA Cycling
will issue a permit number for the event, and transmit
that number to the Permit Coordinator
and the promoter, to the address listed on the permit application.
6 Club and Chief Referee Informed

The Permit Coordinator
will inform the promoting club and Chief Referee that the permit
has been issued. The promoter should replace the statement “permit pending”
with the actual permit number issued.

7 After the event Post Race paperwork

Within three days of the event, the Chief Referee of the race will submit any forms
specifically required from the Chief Referee by
USA Cycling
to USA Cycling

The Chief Referee will submit copies of

  • the USCF/USPro Chief Referee Report,
  • any competitive event checklist signed on race day,
  • the official results (paper copy, signed),
  • the USCF insurance fee,
  • copies of any First Report of Incidents of accidents,
  • all one-day and license renewals fees and forms,

to the
Permit Coordinator.

The Chief Referee will not be responsible for transmitting
the official results to USA Cycling.

Within three days of the event, the promoter will submit one copy of
the official results to the
BAR Administrator. Sending the results via email
is the preferred method.

Within three days of the event, the promoter will submit one copy of

  • the USCF/USPro Chief Referee Report
  • the official results (copies of the white sheets posted after the
    finish and corrected to represent any protests

to the Permit Coordinator.

The promoter is responsible for making arrangements for transmitting
the results (in such form as required by
USA Cycling.
to USA Cycling.
The BAR Administrator
may assist in this matter, but the promoter must understand that
USA Cycling may impose
restrictions on timeliness and number of places that will make this

Contact Information

Local Association Address

Permit Coordinator

Carolyn Goble
1218 Santa Anna Dr
Richmond VA, 23229
Phone Day: 804-912-6898

BAR Administrator

Bill Henderson

Official’s Coordinator

Ruth Stornetta