2019 Omnium Rules

  1. The Virginia State Omnium shall consist of the Road Race Championship,
    Time Trial Championship, Hill Climb Championship and the Criterium Championship.
  2. The omnium categories shall consist of the following categories:
    	35  (35-44)
    	45  (45-54)
    	55  (55-64)
    	Women 1,2
    	Master Women (35+, 45+, 55+)
    	Women Cat 3
    	Women Cat 4
    	Women Junior 09-10
    	Women Junior 11-12
    	Women Junior 13-14
    	Women Junior 15-16
    	Women Junior 17-18
    	Junior 09-10
    	Junior 11-12
    	Junior 13-14
    	Junior 15-16
    	Junior 17-18
    	Men Cat 1,2
    	Men Cat 3
    	Men Cat 4
  3. The top fifteen places in each category shall be awarded points. The points
    will be awarded in the following manner:
    30, 26, 23, 20, 17, 15, 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
  4. Road races and criteriums will count 1.5 times the points shown above.
  5. If the championships are combined with another state or district, points
    will be awarded only to Virginia riders. Points will be awarded such that
    the first Virginia rider across the line receives 30 points, the second
    Virginia rider will receive 26, etc.
  6. If less than fifteen people compete in any championship, this will have no
    effect on the point distribution. That is, the first Virginia racer across
    the line shall be awarded 30 points, the second will be awarded 26 points,
    etc. This is done to promote attendance at all the races.
  7. A rider does not have to start each event in order to win the
  8. A rider must compete in at least two of the four events to be eligible
    to win the Omnium.
  9. If one of the championships should be cancelled due to weather, or lack of
    attendance, and there is no rescheduled event, no points will be awarded
    and the winner will be decided from the remaining races.
  10. Cat 4 riders cannot win their respective category two consecutive years.
  11. Cat 3 and Cat 4 riders must not be combined for the state Championship Road Race.
  12. The winner of the omnium will receive a Virginia Championship jersey
    and be able to ride free (not including USCF insurance and VCA fee)
    in all VCA Omnium events the next year for that category.
    However, free entry is not guaranteed in all BAR races.
    For example, the
    winner of the senior omnium can ride free in a senior (Category 1,2,3)
    event but not in a Masters event.
  13. The Virginia State omnium is open to any rider than lives in the state of VA.
  14. Each omnium event must contain all related omnium categories. For example, the State
    Age-graded road race must contain all masters and all junior Omnium categories.